June 1, 2022 12:00 AM
July 31, 2022 12:00 AM

“A passion for art and pleasing clients.” That’s what makes Stevo so Stevo-licious. Whether dreaming up whimsical weavings or piecing together magnificent mosaics, Stevo is the rare artist who manages to be both highly creative and very accessible.

A renaissance man of sorts, Stevo has gone from a degree in fiber studies to information science. And his creativity bubbles over into all sorts of interesting areas, from painting to songwriting to web designing.

Yet Stevo’s enduring fascination with fibers and tiles forms the real body of his work – and his success. For several years, Stevo’s name was on a commercially popular, signature series of hand-knit sweaters. His mosaics adorn hotel lobbies, restaurants and residences. His tapestries, scarves and hand-loomed rugs add color and texture to the lives of many customers.

Like the artist himself, Stevo’s work is fun, yet stylish. Creative, yet professional. His joy in creating distinctive pieces is always balanced by his sensitivity to clients. These qualities, little by little, bring Stevo closer to his self-confessed goal: “Making the world a brighter place.”