Welcome to Brushes & Beans

Brushes & Beans Cafe is a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio and Cafe. We provide space for you to engage all of your senses, have fun, and be creative while sipping your favorite coffee or tea and enjoying a delicious croissant or muffin!

Don’t feel like painting? No problem! If you prefer, you can relax in the cafe drink your coffee, enjoy a pastry and read a favorite book! Looking for something to do this weekend? We have that covered!

But wait, there’s more! For those of you who would prefer to paint at home, we can also arrange for pottery painting “to go”! Please check in with our site to keep up with the latest events, or sign up as a member to receive our newsletter and updates from us directly!


On the studio side, we use Gare and Mayco glazes and have worked with the nation’s preeminent PYOP (look it up) consultant to ensure we’re doing everything we can for our guests. 

We look for opportunities to partner with businesses and non-profit organizations for FUNdraisers and activities in the community as well. If you have an idea for a partnership, please let us know.


I’ve never painted before. How does the process work?

Upon entering Brushes & Beans Cafe, you will first select the piece of bisque that you would like to paint.  Now, you’re asking what is ‘bisque’? Bisque refers to any pottery that has been fired in a kiln without a ceramic glaze. As for types of bisque, we will have plates, cups, bowls, mugs, figurines, banks, platters, ornaments, baby gifts, kids stuff and many, many more.  To the tune of more than 300 different selections.

After selecting the piece you would like to paint, you will move to the color wall to select the various color glazes you would like to use.

We will then provide you with the brushes, stencils, sponges and all other tools necessary to create your masterpiece!

Once you are done, we clear glaze your piece and fire it in our kilns.  It will be ready for pick-up in about 10 days.

What if I have no artistic ability?

No worries at all. One of our owners can’t even draw a stick figure, but he can still create something very cool using the designs and various templates we have. In addition, some of our bisque already has designs on it - so you can just paint inside (or outside) the lines! And, no one is getting judged based on their artistic ability!!!!!

How much time does it take?

That’s all up to you and what you decide to paint. Some people come and make a day of it, while others come in and they’re done in an hour. To properly glaze (aka paint) your piece, it’s going to take some time, because for best results we recommend three coats of glaze. We’ll explain more in the store!

Do I need a reservation?

We highly recommend it, especially on the weekends, but we will gladly accept any walk-ins as space permits.